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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elmo Cakes For Prince Qalief~ By Wanie

Cookies For Nur Fatheen Hadhirah ~ Baby Shower

Purple from Cik Pah Akmal.....~

Silhouttee Cakes ~ For Hazman + Syinar

Blue For Kak Chik ~ By : K.Imah

Strawberry N Choco Cakes~ Anniversary

Purple For Him ~ By : Ct Palie

Suamiku Sayang ~ By : K.Miza

Dr. Mus Birthday ~ By : Toni

Our Hantaran Cakes~ 15-12-12

Tarts For him....~ Our Hantaran 15-12-12

Peach N Roses For her~

Strawberry Cuppies ~

Le' Cordon Torte~ Cik Pah Akmal

Choc Chip Muffin for Sell...~

Ms Tiramisu ~ By Zaza

Choco Strawberry Cupcakes ~ By Zaza

Choco Tarts By Zaza

As Sweet As Strawberry Cheesy Tarts ~

Think Of Blue....Think Of Blueberry

Minis ~ Sweet N Pinky

Lovely Pink From Us

Our Next Special Doorgift~ 12-12-12

Our Special Doorgift ~ 12-12-12

Our Door Gift ~ 13-12-12